Eye and Vision Exams

Eye and Vision Exams at Your Burke Optometrist

At Primary Eyecare Associates, we know how important regular eye examinations are to maintaining the vision and eye health of your entire family. In the hectic pace of your busy life, it is easy to ignore or dismiss the early signs of a vision problem or eye disease, but these signs are quickly detected by your optometrist during a thorough eye examination. Untreated eye disorders can only worsen and early diagnosis is vital to stopping the progression of disease and the successful correction of any vision problems found.

Man getting an eye exam in Burke, VA.

Eye Examination and Consultation

The American Optometric Association recommends annual or bi-annual vision and eye examinations, depending on any risk factors you may have. Dr. Nechel and Dr. Butler, our skilled optometrists here in Burke, VA will perform a comprehensive eye and vision exam to evaluate your overall eye health and correct for any vision problems you may have.

Along with asking questions about any symptoms you may be experiencing, your optometrist will ask about your general health, medications you take and any personal or family history that has the potential to affect your vision. Diabetes, for example, is hereditary and can affect the health of your eyes.

Your optometrists also know that your work environment can greatly affect your vision and will ask you about your work and lifestyle. Do you work on computers all day? Do your children at school?

Vision Testing

Your eye doctor will perform examinations, which may include;

  • Vision Acuity Test: Measures the sharpness of your vision, near and far
  • Ocular Motility Test: Determines eye movement problems, which may cause eyestrain
  • Refraction: Evaluates the light-focusing ability of your eye structures

In addition to the above, your peripheral vision, eye muscle capabilities, and color vision will be tested.

Eye Health

A thorough examination of the eye structure is integral to a comprehensive examination.  Your optometrist will exam the eye and eyelid and may dilate your pupils to examine the internal structures of the eyes. Tonometry will measure eye pressure. Depending on your unique history and any symptoms you have, other tests may be required as well.

At this point, your optometrist will review all test results and discuss any necessary treatment options with you. You may require corrective glasses, contact lenses, eye exercises or other therapy.

Schedule Your Next Eye Exam at Primary Eye Care Associates

A comprehensive eye examination is integral to your eye health. Here at Primary Eyecare Associates, we offer personalized care tailored to meet your individual needs. Contact our friendly staff here in Burke, VA at 703-272-7880 to schedule your eye exam today. 

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